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Why do I focus on AI/ML as a product advisor?


Building AI products is hard - these products come with new complexities and risks that need to be managed well. I learned AI product management the hard way - and I want to help you avoid the common pitfalls and build the right product, right.


I have done machine learning - long before the hype. At university, because I found it intriguing to understand the brain and model it mathematically. Later at work because AI enabled many new paths with great impact, both for users and  business. And to be honest, partly also because I was at the right moment at the right place. Now because I strongly believe with mass adoption comes mass responsibility.

That said, I am a generalist and the best practices I know and apply also work very well for non-AI enabled products. If you build products with impact that don't use AI, feel free to also reach out to me!


What makes me unique?

Image by Hal Gatewood

I blend deep technical expertise with lots of product experience.

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I have learned from companies of varying size and culture.      

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I am a professionaly trained coach and bring a holistic perspective. 

My professional experience.

I studied mathematics and have 15+ years of professional experience working in 5 different countries. I started as a research scientist and consultant until I figured out that product management is the best of all jobs for me. Since I also deeply care to help others (individuals and teams) grow and succeed, I offer my expertise right now as a product coach, consultant and trainer.  

Selected companies & learnings.




A truly product-led and AI-first company. Also the best company culture I have experienced in my career. When I joined, I needed to re-learn what it means to be an effective product manager.

AI/ML at YouTube, Google Assistant & Google Research
I led the development of a Machine Learning platform for YouTube, spearheaded AI Governance tools and practices and led efforts to make AI more inclusive. The features I was responsible for drove > 10% of YouTube's revenue (which is... huuuge). 

At Google Research I was part of a ML incubation team, building MVPs for Generative AI use cases.


Berlin's high-growth startup was a truly crazy ride - when I joined N26, they were just 50 people and not yet a unicorn. I learned the impact of growth on culture. My first experience with true user-driven product development and why good design matters.

Global Blue


The company got bought by a new investor and underwent a huge digital transformation while I was there. Got promoted to PM team lead. I learned a lot about how to (and not do) digital transformation projects.

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