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I find it most impactful if I act as a coach asking powerful questions to unlock the creativity and the solutions that is within you. If desired and where needed, I can also act as a mentor (or consultant) for more tactical help. But if I feel that you are better suited seeing a therapist I reserve the right to refer you to a  specialist. While there are certainly tools & methods that both a coach and a therapist may use, I am neither qualified nor do I feel comfortable providing this type of service.


I work mainly virtual (Google Meet). If you are based in Berlin I  can also meet you in person if preferred.

My sessions are usually 50min. If you book a larger package, I am also available for shorter slots.

Language: German and English. 


Please approach me for this.


What are the next steps?


My path to coaching


Sometimes I felt stuck in my career or with certain tasks at work. For some of these moments I had the privilege to get access to both coaches and mentors that helped get unstuck. Having a regular coach felt way more valuable than any X-Days-Workshops I did (i.e. Effective Communication, Negotiations, ...) - as the outcome was much more tailored towards who I am as a person and it was usually in-context.

Since years I am giving back to the PM community as a mentor for other PMs by sharing my learnings with them - and I received very encouraging feedback that kept me going. However, my methods were mostly based on what I experienced and learned from my coaches, or very intuitive.

Late 2021 I decided to do two different coaching programs (both finished) - one targeted at coaching individuals (internationally renowned, 106 training hours) and one targeted at transforming teams and organizations through systemic coaching (a local academy in Berlin).  Not because I believe in certifications, but because they offered me an opportunity to learn from excellent practitioners. 


My training

Logo of the company whose coaching training I attended: Co-Active Training Institute.

One of the most well known coaching academies.'
106 training hours in 5 modules over 6 months. 

Logo of the company whose coaching training I attended: Akademie für Transformationsdesign.

Local adacemy in Berlin for co-active coaching.
1 year program with 7 modules (3 days each) & a final project. 

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