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Public & client workshops



I run a series of workshops on topics related to product management best practices and AI - mainly 'in-house' (remote and on-site) but sometimes also as public live-classes online. Get in touch if you have specific needs and ideas!

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Workshop ideas


Each of the below workshops can be adapted to fit your specific needs and context. And yes, I can sign an NDA with you (but not a no-compete clause). 


Building trusted AI Products

Solve user problems with a deeper understanding of ML systems. Apply an effective & thoroughly probed development process. Discuss and apply best practices. Use human-centered design & risk assessment for user & stakeholder trust.

Design Sprint for AI Use Cases


Design Sprint as you know it - but adapted to help discover and identify potential AI use cases for your business.  

AI Governance: Towards more trustworthy AI


What is AI Governance & Trustworthy AI, and why is it important. 

  • Risk Assessment and best practices for trustworthy AI. 

  • AI Governance maturity assessment. AI Governance frameworks and practices to implement AI Governance. 

Customized workshop for your organization



I would love to work with you to design customized a workshop or training program that brings your product teams to the next level. I am spezialized in AI / deep tech products but my skills are very transferable to other products as well. Feel free to reach out with your ideas! 

In case I feel I am not the best person for your ideas, I have a network of highly experienced product consultants and coaches I can reach out to support you.


Daniel S. (a participant
of my course on

"As PM I wanted to understand better how ML works in general and how to identify problems that are well suited to be solved with this tech. Not only did Karins well structured course deliver on that. I also got deep insights into how bring an ML product from Inception to production and huge collection of relevant high quality content that I can use."

Client Workshop,
Google Cloud 

"We had a dozen of opinionated (and sometimes grumpy) participants with different roles across timezones. You  were sharing insights in a fantastic way without oversimplification or losing important nuances. I think it is fair to say you left this 'audience wanting more'."

In-House Workshop,
Google Cloud

"Thanks for taking a lead at our event. Your moderation was graceful, engaging, and allowed the main points from the panelists come through clearly. The feedback was very positive (4.6 out of 5)."

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