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To build impactful AI-driven products, technology isn’t the biggest challenge. Transforming your culture is.

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I guide you towards data & AI excellence.

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Build empowered & diverse teams

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Deliver business and user value

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Apply human-centered design

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Grow from data-driven to AI-driven

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Assess & manage AI-specific risks

Hi, I'm Karin.


I’m a leading ML-product expert, based in Berlin/Germany with 15+ years of professional experience at companies like Google, German unicorn N26, Global Blue or IBM. From big to small, from sales culture to product culture.


My mission is to help teams efficiently build impactful products that users actually love & trust.

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Work with me.




Mattijs Kersten, VP Product, TomTom

"I can't recommend Karin highly enough. She combines deep subject matter expertise with very strong coaching and training. The 1.5 days she spent with my team covered both team coaching as well as a course in building trusted ML products and were extremely valuable. Would not hesitate to engage again in the future."


Let's discover how I can help you.


From in-house or online trainings, to coaching or hands-on consulting, I would be excited to work with you. Get in touch to discuss your needs & ideas!

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